Information Concerning Zone Diet

A man named Barry Sears created the fad diet called the Zone diet.  In reality it’s not a  fad diet in that it is not planned to only be consumed in short periods, but rather to become the normal eating habits for a person. It is considered a low carbohydrate diet, however is more based on balancing hormones and therefore does not restrict carbohydrates as much as other low carbohydrate diets such as the Atkins diet.

There is a ratio of 40 to 30 to 30 of carbohydrates, protein and fat in the zone diet. Some nonscientific studies done by various television shows have shown that the diet can indeed produce reasonable weight-loss. In fact, many of these nonscientific studies show that people gain muscle mass while losing weight on the zone diet. Many of the people in these studies also reported that of all the low carbohydrate diets, the zone diet was easiest to fit into an everyday lifestyle.

The result of the zone diet and its hormone balance is the body releasing anti-inflammatory chemicals like those found in aspirin, but without side effects.  In addition, claims Sears, the natural anti-inflammatories help with heart health. Another benefit of the zone diet is that once the human body is in this hormonal balance it becomes more efficient and stops storing excess calories as fat.  The result is weight loss. Fatty acids such as omega 3 were later added in the form of supplements such as fish oil.

Sears told people who were on the zone diet to eat a piece of meat that would fit in their palm, just enough carbohydrates to avoid feeling weak, and as much non-starchy vegetables as they could stomach.

The Zone diet boasts an amazing weight loss story to its credit – a man who once weighed 1200 pounds. After two years on the zone diet he lost nearly 1/3 of that weight, all that after trying everything he could think of including liposuction that had nearly been fatal. He now eats about 2000 calories a day, filled with foods recommended by the zone diet.

Give the zone diet a try, but be careful.

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